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Vip text editor bundle

Inherited from: Default Source

Author: Szmn.
File pattern: *.vip;*.vih;*.vpp;*.frm;*.lih;*.lic;*.prj.

Supported functionality
Syntax definition files

vip_spec.xml - specification file contains general information about syntax, syntax highlighting rules, scope definitions, keywords etc. vip_user.xml - user extension file contains code templates, tools, context help etc.
vip_spec.xml07.12.09393.59 KB
vip_user.xml07.12.091.4 KB

File templates

Files used as templates for new documents created in this syntax. Corresponding file template determined by file extension. Text of template can contain code templates, which are expanded on create.
vip.vip30.01.15739 Bytes

Additional files

Files for extending syntax bundle as: language includes, tools or references.
vs_styles.bmp07.12.0926.05 KB
margin_i.bmp07.12.0917.87 KB

Related links

Links to websites related to the syntax, discussion of syntax in forums etc.

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